Pools are uncapped — Migrate your liquidity

2 min readAug 15, 2022


Uncapped pools are here! After months of capped liquidity pools and the completion of 3 additional security audits, Mero is now in Phase II. Existing liquidity providers should now migrate their liquidity to the new uncapped pools.

Migrating your liquidity

Current LPs must migrate their liquidity to uncapped pools which are newly deployed contracts. This can be done by clicking “migrate liquidity” on the pools page (users may also manually withdraw and redeposit).

After clicking “migrate now” users will be brought to a new page where they can approve and then migrate their funds to the uncapped pools. Please note that since uncapped pools have been deployed, Phase I pools and their perspective strategies are being shutdown. LPs will always be able to withdraw their funds from the Phase I contracts and can easily do so from the Mero front-end.

New Pools

Now that uncapped pools are deployed, LPs are completely unrestricted by how much liquidity they can provide. Furthermore, support for new assets and liquidity pools has been added! Specifically, the ETH pool has returned and we have also added a new pool for USDT.

Phase I Recap

Since our initial Phase I launch, Mero has undergone three additional security audits. Of which, the reports and finding can be found here. Overall, this period has been a great success for Mero and has served to improve the protocol with numerous optimizations having now been implemented.

Mero liquidity pools for DAI and USDC earned an average base APY of 10% over the entire Phase I period 📈

Additionally, we want to thanks our community members who provided liquidity into our capped Phase I pools. We understand that Phase I pools were limited and did not represent the refined UX that Mero liquidity pools will provide in the future. Phase I LPs helped us test key protocol logic on mainnet while also collecting important feedback. Both of which served to further improve the protocol.

Beyond Phase II

The next key part of our roadmap is Phase III where we will deploy our first Action, collateral top-ups. Mero collateral top-ups will launch with support for Aave, Compound, and Yield protocol. Enabling borrowers on integrated protocols to use Mero LP tokens as backup collateral while still earning high Mero yields. The launch of Actions will be an exciting time as it marks the next step in our journey towards bringing reactive liquidity to DeFi.

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